What does Robot need for smart factory?

Robotic flexible parts feeding system AIVE

AIVE by AIM in Korea

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We've been handling the future technology enhancing human worth

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We're enthusiastic bringing the perfect automation into robotic industry 

AIM company has been established by Shim Houn on third march 2016.
We notify the new solution of smart factory in this rapid changing industry and provide specialized system in order to make our customers competitive. Especially we lead the smart factory system through our own technology for robot, vision, feeder. 

We are leading this technology as a pioneer. Specifically We've been providing the integrated system in Korea where there is no infrastructure of the integrated solution for robot and vision field. Through our own experience we've been handling many problems and exporting all over the world. 

As our achievements show, AIM still makes the industry effective and competitive.


AIM company


Robot, factory Focus on AIVE

AIM has been continuously pursuing to consist the environment which enables more valuable work  for human by replacing monotonous and repetitive work through our system.

We realized that robot can substitute for human arm and vision can replace human eyes. But there's one big unsolved problem which is how to flip, disperse all the components without human. There's no way to solve this problem with only vision and robot. That's why we've struggled with the wholly unmanned automation system. Through our experiences we've invented the system with our flexible feeder making the industry much more effective and efficient. Flexible feeder is the solution for that matter for entire unmanned automation.

The parts feeding process is

The essential purpose of product manufacturing is to convey the components into the intended position. 


It's the most primary and necessary process for any production. 

But, the problem is that it's the most difficult and not automated part.

Through our technology, you're able to turn these hardships into the opportunity for development.


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